Is there NO climate-changing – Question to Radio Jerewan


Qestion to Radio Jerewan: “Is Mr. Donald Trump right, if stating, that there is NO climate changing?

Answer of Radio Jerewan: He probably is right! BECAUSE the U.S. under military doctrine of “full scale dominance” since times of Vietnam War are trying and doing Weather Changing mainly for themselves – followed in meantime by Russians and Chinese – and even probably Europeans!


Have a look to keyword: Weather Warfare, HAARP-Chemtrails, Geoengimneering, Operation Popeye.

At present it seems, that we have FEW nations operating with some sort of “HAARP-technology” and few others – as for instance Germany and Israel – experimenting with the Wilhelm-Reich-concepts on “orgon-energy” and a certain technology for operating same. So it seems reasonable, that at some point  the general public will need NEW PARAGRAPHS added to the PENALTY BOOKS regarding LIABILITY and repaying for the DAMAGES!

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*11.06.1953, Bremen, Germany - long years in Neuss/Germany