Soojin Han – violin – Korea

SOOJIN HAN – Korea – violin

Sarasate – Zigeunerweisen – Gipsy tunes

Mozart Violin Concerto No.3

Soojin Han – youtube channel – URL

In meantime it seems, that Mrs. Soojin Han has been appointed the honor, to act as South-Korean “Ambassador for Culture”.

Otherwise I found out, that in youtube there will be better search results, if adding “Soojin Han” to any music-search.

the most encouraging detail from the biography of Mrs. Soojin Han however seems, that she mastered the level of ALL of the MAIN violin-concerts – but with one ear deaf!


KRONBERG AKADEMY – Kronberg/Taunus / Deutschland

Soojin Han wurde entdeckt  von KRONBERG ACADEMY, welche erstens mir bislang unbekannt war und welche zweitens SEHR HOCH AUFGEHÄNGT ist.

Kronberg Academy – Wikipedia DE –  URL

Kronberg Academy –


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