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I`m retired  by now and my LEGAL STATUS according to GERMAN LAW is “jobless” living on “social benefits”, no academical degree whatever, no titles, no plagiarism.


I have to apologize for the following NUMERICAL MUSIC CATALOG, behind which is quite a story to be told, IF we would not find better amusements. This CATALOG is PRACTICAL for the USER and for ME MYSELF! It may be USED by CLICKING on WORKING LINKS in type of “URLs with DOI-numbers”, which the average musician must not know exactly, what it may be!

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Music doi-online publications – Buike numerical catalog – 01.1996 – 12.2021  (opera omnia per 31.12.2021) –

doi http://dx.doi.org/10.17613/kdx5-1s78

BBWV 169 Repül a szán – riding the sledge – Der Schlitten fährt – Kalocsai emlék csardas – Souvenir from Kalocsai – Text HU: N. Merty – (Brahms/Joachim: Hungarian Dance no.4 – version) – violin, piano – (reed organ / Harmonium) – Hungarian Gipsy – BBWV 169-1 piano/violin – BBWV 169-2 violin 2 versions with hints to fingering – 2:57 – audio doiURL  https://doi.org/10.17613/8f98-vq91 – scheetmusic doiURL  https://doi.org/10.17613/f474-tz70


BBWV 170-X – Zdenko Fibich (1850-1900) – Poem (valse) – op.39a – piano (violin) (Kubelik, Kubelik-Buike, Weninger, Ancliffe)

BBWV 170-XX Zdenko Fibich (1850-1900) – Poem (valse) – op.39a – violin solo – (Kubelik, Kubelik-Buike, Weninger, Ancliffe)


BBWV 171 Chrysostomus Liturgy – easy music – Russian Orthodox – Latin letters – Chrysostomus Liturgie – einfache Musik russ.-orthodox – lateinische Buchstaben – Choir SATB –  36 p. – Neuss/Germany: Bruno Buike 2023 – no audio – doi -URL https://doi.org/10.17613/s17n-f907


BBWV 173.1 Heinrich Schütz: Ich liege und schlafe … – SWV 310 – op.9, no. 5  – voice plus continuo (bass, tbariton, tenor), ca. 4:00
sheetmusic doi-URL  https://doi.org/10.17613/wxta-wm78
audio doi-URL https://doi.org/10.17613/ktg9-tb16

BBWV 173.2 – Heinrich Schütz: Ich liege und schlafe … – SWV 310 – op.9, no. 5  – strings plus continuo – 2:10
sheetmusic doi-URL https://doi.org/10.17613/wxcq-hg30
audio doi-URL  https://doi.org/10.17613/x7v3-2a23

BBWV 173.3 – Heinrich Schütz: Ich liege und schlafe … – SWV 310 – op.9, no. 5  -brass plus continuo – ca. 2:10
sheetmusic doi-URL https://doi.org/10.17613/gqsr-m366
audio doi-URL https://doi.org/10.17613/wjmh-pd94

BBWV173.4 – Heinrich Schütz: Ich liege und schlafe … – SWV 310 – op.9, no. 5  – organ (2 versiosn) – ca. 2:50
sheetmusic doi-URL https://doi.org/10.17613/wa6a-1343
audio doi-URL https://doi.org/10.17613/rxtq-jy42


BBWV 174 Mahr / Buike: Tancok es Czardas (Gipsy Ouverture) – piano, violin solo (2 violins ad lib.) – –  – ca. 5:40 – Neuss: 2023 – similar to handling by Brahms/Joachim in their “adaptions” from “Gipsy folk-tunes” for CONCERT (and training the “gifted young” from Russia and Asia)


BBWV  175 small pseudo-banda – derived from 176, but set to G-major/g-minor – vln. – cl Bb – pno – cello – (great pseudo-banda see BBWV 178)


BBWV 176  – clarinet-violin ping-pong – 6:00 – A-major/Fsharp minor – a-minor/C-major – violin, clarinet Bb, piano –


BBWV 177 Bb-major/g-minor / e-minor/G-major,  two clarinetts Bb, piano  – 5:43


BBWV 178 great pseudo banda – derived from BBWV 176 – set to G-major/g-minor – vln. – cl Bb – pno – cello – plus 2 violins, 1 viola – 6:00 –  (see: BBWV 175 small pseudo banda)


EVERYTHING – audio and printable pdf – from this catalog is online accessible with attached doi-numbers to approximately 596 single files – in CORE repository of Columbia University NY – within Humanities Commons in Michigan State University – which may be considered SOMETHING – and especially something near to 2,5 month of work, to get this catalog  done and finished!

And VERY sorry, there are NOT ANY life-recordings from performances on stage, which in cases may seem near to inevitable, because some of pieces simply CANNOT BE MASTERED by just everybody!

And VERY sorry again: IT WAS NOT MY PERSONAL WILL nor decision, that I ever should engage in music. We indeed may ASSUME, that it were the MUSES – probably from good old Greece – that  decided, that I should DEVELOP in music somehow, REGARDLESS of REACTIONS from COLLEGES and SOCIETY – and from Music Business!

Society? Oh indeed: SOCIETY! At least if we consider the proverbial from Chinese telling something similar to:: “If you have trouble with your neighbor, give his child a trumpet!”

We may have the following “technical resumee”: If you CAN avoid dealing with music and especially with ORGANIZATION and MANAGMENT of music, you  probably should ….

Nachtrag Nov. 2022:
Buike Science And Music nimmt seit vielen Jahren an VG WORT nicht mehr teil und hat an GEMA noch nie teilgenommen, woraus man unschwer schliesst, daß Buike Science And Music mit dem – ziemlich korrupten –  deutschen Kulturbetrieb fertig und durch ist!