Gods of Egypt – film on Horus. Seth and Ra

Hindi / Indian full version – other version – scene Horus to Ra’s kingdom |3/10 scene 9/10 final figth Horus against Seth scene 10/10 The real King is back other version scene Seth kills Osiris  – Bow before me or die  1/11 scene Ra and Seth  8/11 scene – To protect the people 10/11 scene… Gods of Egypt – film on Horus. Seth and Ra weiterlesen

Kurukshetra – film from India

Kurukshetra is the final battle of the Mahabharata epos between Kauris and Pandavas. Within Mahabharata we have a single and relatively small chapter called Bhagavadgita, which is one of the MOST FAMOUS and MOST basic texts of  both old Indian history and philosophy. We may say, that in Bhagavadgita Lord Krishna himself gives valuable teachings… Kurukshetra – film from India weiterlesen