Does the American military owe the weather – Question to Radio Jerewan


Question to Radio Jerewan: Is it true, that the American military owes the weather?

Answer from Radio Jerewan: Please repeat Your question to United States NSA Secret Service. Radio Jerewan so far got the impression, that at moment the PLANET is behaving AS IF someone has tried to STEAL the weather.


APPENDIX: Have a look to HAARP  – Australia – Japan – Sweden (LOIS) – – Norway, Tromsö (Euroean Union) – Northsea (LOFAR) – Russland (SURA) – China (Hainan) – etc.) – spend special attention to REALLY STRANGE a) clouds (even in rainbow-colors) b) great CIRCLES (say 800 km diameter) in the TV weather-forcast and/or in rain-radar-maps

We may conclude here: AT LEAST SOMEONE is DOING SOMETHING out there – even the European Union!

BUT: ROSTOCK, MARLOW antennas are for communication with submarines, see:Das Geheimnis im Wald von Marlow. Die Deutsche Marine betreibt im Recknitz-Städtchen eine Sendestation. Um die Anlage ranken sich wüste Verschwörungstheorien; in: oz (Ostsee-Zeitung) – 23.03.2015 – Autor: Gerald Kleine Wördemann – URL  URL


We perhaps may go as far as to voice the following idea: IF there is SOMEONE, who can be IDENTIFIED, doing harm to the weather and causing financial losses and heavy damagaes to property of OTHERS, we perhaops would nedd NEW PARAGRAPHS within the PENALTY BOOKS!

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