peace-proposal: US-presidents and all their family never again are allowed to enter business in the Russian GUS

open letter

subject: preventing war between the US and Russian GUS

After the experience with the Donald Trump presidency and with the Joe Biden presidency and their families, it is obvious that their PERSONAL BUSINESS INTERESTS were main causes for years – more than 8 years! –  of trouble, that these days in March/April 2022 culminated in  hot war in Ukrainia.

Therefor it only would seem logical, that Russia may rule by law, that never again US-Presidents nor their families are allowed to enter personal business on soil and territory of the Russian GUS, to keep peace and to prevent Third World War!


I may add from my understandings of learning history: We have indeed examples from history of King Leopold of Belgium declaring around 1928 the Congo a PERSONAL PROPERTY and we have opposite example of Cecil Rhodes, the personal property of which over 8 MILLION sqkm land in entire of Rhodesia and parts of what today is South-Africa at some point was TRANSFORMED from PERSONAL ownership to “corporate ownership” of the British Empire.

But so far I could learn from history, there is NO PRECEDENCE, that a HEAD OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT ever should engage PERSONALLY  to turn a FOREIGN PROVINCE and even FOREIGN FEDERAL STATE into a PERSONAL PROPERTY  SUBDUEING it to COLONIAL EXPLOITAION! Which however is exactly, what in meantime TWO US-Presidents REALLY did in Ukrainia. This may count as BREAKING THE CODE OF CONDUCT for ANY HEAD OF STATE, but indicating HOW FAR they in the United States have MORALLY DECLINED in meantime!

There may be more: IF a head of state is behaving like Trump and Biden in Ukrainia, this may indicate further, that they in the US have reached some point of DESPAIR, where they think, that there are no other viable ways  for “solving” their PERMANENT FINANCIAL DESASTERS – heading in fact to BANKRUPTCY of some sort – in which latter especially Donald Trump even was EXPERIENCED!

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*11.06.1953, Bremen, Germany - long years in Neuss/Germany