History of India told by Indians themselves – film-lectures

To have it short here:

Clean your brain from

  • preconcepts of British-European writers of the last 300 years on Indian history – be they MASONIC or ANGLICANIAN or presbyterian-pietistic or of whatever non-mainstream Christians or even inclined to OCCULT-ATHEISTS,
  • outdated chronologies and time-tables, especially those, which were based on the near to LAUGHABLE preconcept, somehow misunderstood by European Bible readers, that this planet should have been CREATED say 4000 – 5000 years before us.

Introduce to your brain instead the following CORE DATA:

  • set up a NEW GEOGRAPHICAL frame for the term “India”, which is NOTHING less than  the “Indian triangle” on MAPS, which is INSTEAD   NOT MORE WESTERN than Afghanistan and stretching into the EAST to all of what now is Indonesia (Java, Bali) , Myanmar/Birma and even Cambodia;
  • introduce a NEW GEOLOGICAL FACT and MAIN EVENT into Indian History of HUMANS, which is the  layer of ASHES in ALL today India (Bharata)  from the TOBA-volcano – in the Indonesian archipelago – , said to be from 15 centimeters to 4 – 5 meters (sic), dating back to 74000 years from now and resulting in a near-extinction-series of aftermath-events  – see Wiki  Toba catastrophe theory outbreak URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toba_catastrophe_theory  – see “Tobasee” in German Wiki URL https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobasee,
  • get accustomed, that VEDIC ASTRONOMICAL CHRONOLOGIES SEEM TO COVER 100.000 years of HUMAN history, by using a SPECIAL TIME-COUNTING method, which is the CYCLE OF PRECESSION (of the Equinoxes), caused by the inclination of Earth-Axis to the ecliptic-plane.
  • And do not misunderstood Indian Author Bal Gandgadhar  TILAK – in India known as fighter for independency from British rule – as ADVOCATING NAZIS – because Tilak (free in interent) published in the 1890ties in 1903 to 1925 and only was TRIED to become INSTRUMENTALISIZED by German NAZIS LATER. which however is IMPOSSIBLE, because to my best knowledge German NAZIS never felt inclined, to CONVERT to the HOLY LIFE of a BRAHMIN obliged to LiFELONG PRACTISE and LEARNING of the VEDAS.

Well there are other specifics, as for instance the RISHIS, of which until today are remembered BRIGHU (see palmleaf-libraries, PLURAL), VALMIKI, and VASHISTA (which latter was estimated for his philosophical teachings  by Ramana Maharshi at the holy Mt. Arunachala in Tamil Nadu)

To give the student from Westeuropean contaminated contexts a maximum of effect, I on this page present VIDEO-lectures, which have socalled “undertitles”, which easily can be extracted from videos and printed for SELF-USE in SELF-Instruction.  It would be very much needed that those “undertitles” were published and printed and such introduced into the academic discussions of Western NON-ASIATIC learners, who want MORE than the “CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF INDIA” edition – series from elder times of TOYNBEE. However, I so far could not figure out, what actual legal restrictions with regard to socalled “copyrights”  would allow in taking an EDITOR role for FREE IN INTERNET materials.

And thus we at moment have to be content, with what is compiled here – and elsewhere.


video-titel: Indian civilization: The Untold Story | Raj Vedam – -founder of the think-tank, “Indian History Awareness and Research”, HQ Houston, Texas, outposts spread throughout the planet  – email rajvedam[at]yahoo[dot]com  – duration 1:37.00


ITHIHASA – A 100000 Years Story of BHARATH (INDIA) – Documentary English subtitles – 20:00:00 – URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIOM79D-l9w

This is an introduction to 2 books, which are in the Indian continent market, but not so easy to be fetched by the readers outside India

  • – The Chronology of India: From Mahabharata to Medieval Era – Vol I by Vedveer Arya – publisher Aryabhata Publications (24 January 2020) – ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0846N8J6N
  • The Chronology of India: From Mahabharata to Medieval Era – Vol II – By Vedveer Arya – ‎ publisher – Aryabhata Publications (1 January 2019) – ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-8194321354


21/24 | Hindu Temple Untold | Indian_Civilization_Series – 1:13:00 – channel “Vishuddi Films” – URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98a1hAUl-yE

This may be considered the MOST DEMANDING lecture here, because it gives an in depth INDIAN view on what HUMAN EXISTENCE is or was – an existence, that EXPRESSED itself by the HINDU TEMPLE and its OVERFLOWING decorations with FORMS, applying the ARTS – especially MUSIC and DANCE – so to say, to “get involved into the DANCE of SHIVA NATARANJA”, which “is” the DANCE of EVERYTHING existing, but – somehow – “sustaining” such existence – which, I would agree, is some sort of not so easy to grasp HINDU concept.

Well so far: Get seated well and prepare for SHOCK and BASIC RESTRUCTURING, what EUROPEANS so far may have been TOLD only by by POORLY INFORMED EUROPEANS with quite a lot of PRECONCEPTS and HEAVY MISUNDERSTANDINGS. This however does NOT MEAN, that we can spare the effort to STAY and REMAIN CRITICAL in the GOOD SCIENTIFIC sense, because sometimes the TODAY Indian “narratives” are overshadowed by SEVERE TRAUMAS of the Indian experience of the last 300 – 500 years (namely the Islamic MOGUL era and the era of BRITISH colonialism of sorts) , which however may not make us blindfolded, to extract TRUE information with TRUE value.

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