How the German Top Navy Commander was sacked because of Ukrainia

Strange things happen indeed, which one really hardly can believe. On 21st- 23rd of January 2022 special focussed news from special sponsored sides were full of the SUDDEN RETIREMENT –  by “own wish”, as was stressed! – of the actual TOP  GERMAN NAVY COMMANDER, Vice-Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach.

We now may wonder, what may have been his crime.

Well, the incriminated action of the German Navy Top Comamnder was, that he commented on Ukrainia during a lecture with discussion in a far away INDIAN think-tank busy with security questions – even expressing something that could be misread as some sort of “understanding” for Russian “sensitivities”.

Russia Today RTde was as professional as to  give the audience a DIRECT LINK to the incrimianted video in youtube, such enabling the INTELLIGENT OBSERVER, to make up his own mind in just checking the video for himself / herself.

I am very pleased, that such I now can present to the CRITICAL audience valuable bibliographical information as follows:


youtube channel: Manohar Parrikar IDSA

video title: Talk by Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach, Chief of the German Navy

video-duration: 1:22:24


video description: QUOTATION START >> The Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (MP-IDSA), India is organising a Talk by Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach, Chief of the German Navy on ‘Germany’s Indo Pacific Strategy’ On Friday, 21 January 2022 from 1415h to 1530h – Welcome and Opening Address By Ambassador Sujan R. Chinoy, DG MP-IDSA << QUOTATION END

implemented video start

implemented video end

Russia Today source 1: Chef der deutschen Marine zeigt Mut zu eigener Meinung: “Russland verdient Respekt”; in RTde – 22. Jan. 2022 – URL

Russia Today source 2: Medienberichte: Deutscher Marinechef Schönbach räumt Posten: in RTde – 22.Jan.2022 – URL

Now I did the hard thing and went the extra mile and had a thorough scrutiny of the ENTIRE video – which meant  indeed LISTENING over one hour to partly poor audio-quality of English-speaking folks, none of which was a native English speaker – plus undertitles not of help really!

This done I now have some  difficulties, because this video is REALLY WORTHWHILE learning on the level of INTERNATIONAL MASTERCLASS – which is: NOTHING for the beginner nor the casual interested visitor. We will pick from that now and then … but not in full extend, because this would make this essay too much  “general staff level …”

But certainly YES, there was in the QUESTION-ANSWER-part a VERY SHORT remark of the German NAVY TOP COMMANDER, which may be voiced similar to:

“The Crimea is lost and gone (to Russia) – and even will never return (to socalled “Ukrainia”).”

It was added something near to critizism, which was: “GET FACTUAL about it!” Coming near the meaning: AWAKE FROM YOUR DREAMS and FACE HARSH REALITY. To which any trained military officer would add automatically: Do it and do it SUCH, BECAUSE a military leader not aware of FACTS and REALITY with certainty will FAIL, at least on the field, which of course may not exclude automatically, that such DREAMY commander may become successful as romancier somehow – provided he survived the mess!

I may repeat, to indicate the MILITARY and even near to “spartanic brisk” – if you like “laconical” –  shortness of the statement:

“Crimea is lost. Face reality.”

(Meaning: Or otherwise face military and other desaster …)

You see, such are short answers to short questions circulating the globe. The TRICK however is, to make from such casual statements an INTERNATIONAL CRISIS.

  • – Suddenly the Ukrainian Foreign Minister summoned the German ambassador to explain in person the dissatisfaction of the Selenski-Post-Soviet-Oligarch-Government  of Ukrainia and even shied not away from repeating NAZI-ACCUSATIONS (which is: against the TODAY OFFICIAL GERMANY).
  • – This however did NOT HINDER, that the Selenski-Ukrainia via other channels tried to PRESS Germany to deliver military equipment of – as they say and claim – “weaponry for defense only”. (Actual British and French deliveries obviously are not felt enough … In meantime the US has delivered 90 tons …)
  • – As if this is not enough trouble, at same time suddenly the British Government is hasting in supporting the Selenski-Ukrainia by WARNING the international community, that RUSSIA is trying to install a PRO-RUSSIAN Government in Ukrainia, such sending the QUESTIONABLE Ukrainian Oligarchs, we have seen so far, to the desert!  The strange thing however is: Nobody asked, why the Russians don’t try to install a government with – say – PRO-South-African preferences …  Well, the British do, what they do,  because they feel certain, that the public has forgotten, that the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Jazeniuk even was accused of being a former NATO-staff-member, that the former President of Georgia, Saakashvili,  even was an US-import, under which Saakashvili the entire of Georgia suddenly turned to become an ISRAELI-US-BASIS AGAINST IRAN (don’t believe me, check it in F. William Engdahl) !  Such the audience is suggested to BELIEVE, that any BRITISH and US-American INFLUENCE in Ukrainia is EXCLUDED. To which latter I simply may object:  Anybody out there as STUPID, as to BELIEVE THAT!??? The CONTRARY is true and KNOWN truth: The FAMILY of the ACTUAL US-PRESIDENT BIDEN is DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the Ukrainian ENERGY-BUSINESS – and since years so!

source 1: Ukrainischer Botschafter kritisiert Kay-Achim Schönbach »Deutsche Arroganz und Größenwahn«  (Vorspann) Die Ukraine ist empört über die Äußerungen von Marinechef Schönbach, der nun sein Amt abgeben wird. Die deutsche Botschafterin in Kiew wurde zum Gespräch gebeten – und erneut die Lieferung von Waffen eingefordert.; in: SPIEGEL 23. 01.2022 – URL

source 2: Ukraine-Konflikt London wirft Moskau politische Einflussnahme vor; in ARD. Erste – Tagesschau – 23.01.2022 – URL

source 3: Wegen deutschen Marine-Chefs: Ukrainisches Außenministerium bestellt deutsche Botschafterin ein; in RTde Russia Today – 22. Jan. 2022 – URL

I now may proceed to the more difficult part in placing my personal heavy critics on several aspects of actual ongoings with Ukrainia – and I will try to be more plain than the sacked German Top Admiral.

To begin with, I as humbly as possible, may remind the audience, that my own mother was in NAZI-KZ-imprisonment 1939-1945 – so that for me all those GENERALIZED NAZI-ACCUSATIONS against the TODAY Germany coming from Poland and Ukrainia are felt here as some sort of PERSONAL INSULT. I even may go as far as to ask my Polish and Ukrainian counterparts to simply STOP WITH THAT! Because otherwise we CANNOT and we will not stay friends – regardless of all my family-relations to especially those two nations in those two so much beautiful lands.

The objection however may be now, that gatherings of 1000 folks in rememberance of WAFFEN-SS in Latvia /  LETTLAND and of BANDERA activities in today Ukrainia and Southern Poland have nothing to do with Poland and Ukrainia officials, but are due to   the INEFFICIENCY of BRITISH AND US-MILITARY-COMMANDS to STOP NAZIS there. Therefor I herewith may voice the following: IF BRITISH, FRENCH and US-AMERICAN CONTINUE with such INCREDIBLE TOLERANCE AGAINST NAZI-ACTIVITIES – perhaps because in Britain, France and the US today are MORE NAZI-admirerers than in today Germany???!!! – I will WITHDRAW from ANY PERSONAL COMMITMENT  to support British and US-American miltary actions in whatever framework. This is NO JOKING: IF BRITISH, FRENCH AND US-AMERICAN military commands and political leaders continue to FAIL to bring down NAZIS, I, Bruno Antonio Buike, son of a NAZI-KZ-survivor WILL NOT FOLLOW ANY LONGER! So, please you British, French  and US-commanders. STOP IT with the NAZIS, or we are departed and cannot come together!

My third critics may be questioned whether it belongs more to operette-state or to banana-republic, because I remember from German papers a CRIMINAL CASE in the ship-building industry somehow connected with the Ukrainian military harbor of Mykolaiv (Микола́їв), which was a NAVAL HQ since Tsarist times under the name Nikolaev or Nikolayev (Никола́ев) – not to be mixed up with a similar sounding part of Odessa! – which is exactly that harbor, against which was brought forward an accusation, that there was shipped UKRAINIAN MILITARY EQUIPMENT – from former Soviet Army – to several ACTUAL HOT SPOTS with irregular warfare – contradicting any official line of operations set up for official policies within international contexts.


With these short remarks we however are missing the CENTRAL points of importance in the speech delivered by Vice-Admiral Schoenbach in India, where I picked keywords like “anglosaxon protestant block” and the Admiral EMPHASIZING und REPEATING, that he is of ROMAN CATHOLIC RELIGION, which I take as indication, that he is under HEAVY pressure from UNKNOWN side, he didn’t want to reveal in more detail.

Another main point was, that the German Commanding Admiral emphasized, that he came to India on behalf of GENUIN GERMAN interests – and NOT acting  within any British or French ASPIRATIONS for WORLD-POWER, even inclined to ANOTHER behavior, which he described as “listening” and “learning” – and even  using the open main-entrance without a “hidden agenda” in his luggage ….

As major military concern I so far could identify the role of China, which in the estimation of Admiral Schoenbach only could be seen as “generally hostile” – in spite of all the “nice smile” in public appearence. (I really was surprised, to learn here, that the Admiral said, that the actual difficult situation regarding German and French detachements in MALI is directly linked to Chinese actions there … I may add from other readings, that we today have CHINESE investments in former Yugoslavia and Greece around shipyards / ports and transportation under the strategy of “new silk-road” … Nobody seems to wonder, that the historical real silk-road, never touched the Balcans??!!)

Admiral Schoenbach however did not go as far, as to voice, what is my problem with understanding China, which is:  I personally do not quite understand, how it can be, that on the SURFACE we see a STRONG cooperation (among potential adversaries) in which the FREEDOM-loving U.S. are SUPPORTING a STALINIST-COMMUNIST-DICTATORSHIP in China.

Well, to come to an end here, I may close with a quotation from TAOIST CHINA, taken from the famous Richard Wilhelm translation of the Tao-te-king of Laotse.

The original GERMAN – Tao-te-king, sentence 29:

Die Welt erobern und behandeln wollen, ich habe erlebt, daß das mißlingt. Die Welt ist ein geistiges Ding, das man nicht behandeln darf. Wer sie behandelt, verdirbt sie. ...

Behind this is an unspoken concept of wei-wu-wei (and some other more Taoist stuff, even the Chinese themselves of today rarely are aware of), which I cannot explain here – and my trial for English translation such may be:

To conquer the world and to intentionally treat her; I have seen, that this will fail. The world is a spiritual entity – from spirit not restricted to the material level -, which should NOT  become pressed into just “aspirations” and “finalizations”. (Because:) Who is imposing intentionality (on this planet, understood as a LIVING BEING of its own), will spoil everything.

(German source: Wilhelm, Richard (ed.): Laotse. Tao te king. Düsseldorf: Eugen Diederichs 1978, Spruch / Sentenz 29, S. 69)

open brackets: We may link or not from here to INDIAN concepts of KARMA and DHARMA and especially to the teaching of Lord Krishna on these subjects in the Bhagavadgita, which is an episode within the greater Mahabharata narrative of a heavy war of old antiquity –  with both men and Gods participating …)  – close brackets!

So in the end, we have something in China FAR beyond the TODAY socialist-scientific-atheist-materialists from a CRUDE COMMUNIST ideology, that was IMPORT to China and NO offspring from genuin Chinese source, hinting to the possibility, that all those OLIGARCHS and BUSINESS FOLKS intending to PROVOKE WAR for increasing PROFITS only – in spite of the fact, that we have seen in Ukrainia several MONTH with HUNDREDTHOUSANDS of NORMAL FOLKS in pilgrimage throughout the entire country and PRAYING, that the country may be spared the renewed experience of war, of which EVERY UKRAINIAN FAMILY has a LIVING MEMORY not that far away in time – are NOT THE LAST WORD, so that MAOS claims for an “inevitable war” may prove a FALSE PROPHECY, which nobody at his wits can or should follow!

With regard to German Commanding  Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach I may close here, as follows: Such commanders we can TRUST and follow, because they did their HOMEWORK, meaning, that the LEADERS have gained MORE and  CLEAR understandings by LISTENING and LEARNING (and training and study).

And such we herewith give a heartfelt welcome to the NEW MEMBER of the GERMAN NATIONAL RESERVE POOL, ready if ever there should be the call – and not overly concerned what this may do with his “worldly career”.

biobibliography of Kay Achim Schoenbach – Wiki EN URL

biobibliography of Kai Achim Schoembach – Wiki DE URL


Follow up 24.01.20222

source: Wegen Äußerungen zu Krim und Putin: Vizeadmiral Schönbach auf ukrainischer Mirotworez-Prangerliste; in Russia Today RTde – 23.01.2022 – URL

source: Ehemaliger Generalinspekteur Kujat: Ich hätte mich vor Schönbach gestellt; in Russia Today RTde – 24. Jan. 2022 – URL

Well, I did not comment, whether the affaire around the German Navy Top Commander Schönbach may have been a willingly sacrifice because of KNOWN heavy problems and heavy DISSENT with POLITICS within not only the Germany Navy , but within the entire of German Armed forces. I may hint especially to the NAVAL-affairs around the schoolship “Gorch Fock” and around the 6 actual German conventional submarines, of which NONE was ready for deployment few years ago and the affaire around Commander Georg Klein in Afghanistan (socalled “Kunduz-affaire”).

We even may go as far as to ASSUME, that NONE of the groups within German forces, that could gather DIRECT EXPERIENCE in war-action on the field – which are the group returning from the Yugoslavia war-theater, the group returning from Afghanistan and the group engaged around the Iraqi and Syrian war-theaters has FULL  enough AGREEMENT with set-up official German and NATO politics.  It SEEMS, that within ALL OF THESE GROUPS, that are making their normal careers to higher ranks at moment, there is a FACTION, which does  NOT REALLY have CONSENT with the OFFICIALLY POWERED THROUGH “political agenda” of the actual German governments, which is especially a PROBLEM, if you have set up a military doctrine of socalled “PRIMATE OF POLITICS”, meaning that the German military normally has to OBEY his DIRECTING MASTERS coming from the German POLITICAL SYSTEM.

It may be furtheron, that within German Armed Forces has spread a FEELING, as if German troops ARE NOT ALLOWED something OTHER, than something near a  STATUS of some sort of “auxiliary troops” – which of course HAS something to do with the FACT, that Germany is a DEFEATED COUNTRY, that – so far – 2-times in 2 world wars, clashed with British and French WORLD-POWER aspirations, which British and French never escaped allegations, that they WOULD start a 3rd world war, IF EVER THIS would SEEM APPROPRIATE with regard to their WORLD-POWER-ASPIRATIONS.


Follow up 26. Jan 2022

source 1: Ukrainischer Verteidigungsminister: Keine Gefahr russischer Invasion in naher Zukunft; in Russia Today RTde – 26. Jan. 2022 – URL

source 2: Polen erwartet klares Signal von Deutschland; in ZEIT de – 26. Jan. 2022 – URL

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source 6: Militärexperte Bagdasarow: “Das war’s. Bald beginnt der Krieg”; in Russia Today RTde – 26. Jan. 2022 – URL

source 7: Puschilin: Die Ukraine hat im Donbass 120.000 Soldaten zusammengezogen; in Russia Today RTde  – 24. Jan. 2022 – URL

source 8: Sacharowa: Mit Gerüchten über russische Ukraine-Invasion lenkt der Westen von eigener Zündelei ab; in Russia Today RTde – 20. Jan. 2022 –

What to make from this MESS from Tchechia, Croatia, Baltic States, Poland? Well, we may try as follows:

1. Buike Science And Music firmly on several occasions took the firm stand, that  the MOST EFFICIENT way to have WAR with RUSSIA is, to place British and US-troops on Russian soil in the GUS, which is the case already especially in Ukrainia.

2. Buike Science And Music has not the expertise to deal with men, suddenly behaving similar to women in hysteria.

3. But because the Polish Vize-Minister for Foreign Affairs has asked so kindly, that GERMANY should take a LEADING ROLE in the Ukrainia-conflict – in spite of the fact, that he thinks, that Germany is UNRELIABLE! – the Germans may take into consideration to send their BEST CHILD-NURSE-PERSONNEL to deal with this KINDERGARDEN!

4. Buike Science And Music nevertheless takes the RATHER FIRM  view, that WAR is NOT a word to lightheartedly toss around with, AS IF THEY partly have become POKER-PLAYERS – running little bit MAD – in childish exaggeration!


Follow up 27. Jan. 2022

I do not quite understand: MIGHT it be POSSIBLE, that the Selenski-Ukrainia has STOLEN gas from Russian pipelines? MIGHT it be possble, that GERMANY helped the Selenski-Ukraine by giving them RUSSIAN GAS from a Russian pipelne to former DDR?

source 1: Ex-Naftogaz-Chef prophezeit: Kiew könnte im Winter wieder russisches Gas stehlen; in Russia Today RTde – 4. Jan. 2022 – URL

source 2: Jamal-Pipeline: Was der Lieferstopp für Europas Gasversorgung bedeutet; in CAPITAL – Christiane Kreder – 22. Jan 2022 – URL

source 3: Gas aus Deutschland wird in die Ukraine verkauft; in Börsen-Zeitung – 28.12.202 – URL


Follow up 28.01.2022

Was the German Navy Commander in Chief, Admiral Schoenbach, fired, because he is not “NAZI affine enough” – to fit smoothly into actual NATO-politics in the Baltic and Ukrainia with NEO-NAZIS?


source 1:Estland versinkt im braunen Sumpf: in Russia Today RTde – Dmitri Sosnowski   – 29. Aug. 2021 – URL

source 2: FBI: Ukrainisches Neonazi-Bataillon Asow hat Extremisten in den USA trainiert; in Russia Today RTde – 9. Nov. 2018 – URL

source 3: Stepan Bandera als Superstar? Berliner Senat macht das Unmögliche möglich; in Russia Today RTde – 27. Mai 2019 – URL

source 4: Antisowjetischer Held Litauens – Enkelin entlarvt Holocaust-Grausamkeiten von “General Vėtra”: in Russia Today RTde – 5. Aug. 2018 – URL

source 5: Instrumentalisierung der Geschichte – Babi Jar und der Untermensch im Slawen; in Russia Today RTde – Dagmar Henn – 12. Juni 2021 – URL

source 6: Diskriminierung von Minderheiten in der EU: Die baltischen Staaten: in Russia Today RTde – 5. Feb. 2019 – URL – Vorspann-Zitat: >> Die baltischen Staaten rücken immer weiter nach rechts. Umzüge von SS-Veteranen und rigorose Sprachgesetze bezeugen die dunkle Entwicklung im östlichsten Winkel der EU, die bei der offenen Diskriminierung von Minderheiten in den baltischen Ländern plötzlich wegschaut. <<


Follow up 31st of January 2022

Would it be be overdoing, if we would interprete the sacked Admiral’s statement on “learning” and “listening”, that at least he thinks, that OLD PATTERN have outgrown, namely the old pattern of

  • – “white supremacy”
  • – “slavonic underhuman”.

May it be, that analyzed under full light “white supremacy” and “slavonic underhumans” in first place are statements on the ILL and PATHOLOGIC mind-set of those using such PROPAGANDA PHRASES for EVIL and DIABOLIC  – and in essence IDIOTIC – “power play”???!!!

Well, whatever “white supremacy” and “slavonic underhumans” might be, so BOTH are clearly AGAINST ANYTHING coming from HIGHER CONCEPTS of philosophy and religion – which may turn out TOO LOW LEVEL, to be suited for mastering the  future of this planet

Buike Science And Music


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