Kurukshetra – film from India

Kurukshetra is the final battle of the Mahabharata epos between Kauris and Pandavas. Within Mahabharata we have a single and relatively small chapter called Bhagavadgita, which is one of the MOST FAMOUS and MOST basic texts of  both old Indian history and philosophy. We may say, that in Bhagavadgita Lord Krishna himself gives valuable teachings to the bowman Arjuna of the caste of the “kashatriyas”.

This NEW version and enacting comes with English subtitles.

How shall I put it: The listener and viewer coming from NON-INDIAN contexts will LEARN quite a lot BEYOND the reception of TEXTS ONLY, which especially for Wetern Europeans are FULL of RIDDLES and MYSTERY, otherwise not quite understandable.

These are 2 hours, which were really worth it – at least for MY learning in MY actual horizon of study and learning!


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