tor-browser against geo-blocking

In direct consequence to the Ukrainian war – European governments have restricted access to foreign infomation  sources by geoblocking.

In actual Ukrainian war as of 2023 I such have no stable connection to Russia Today TD DE (in German).any longer.

In such cases – around the world – a good choice is Tor–Browser. The recommendation however is: Go to Tor-project page and download from there – an archive, unpack, make some configurations and use it. NO INSTALLATION NEEDED! There is a small minus: surfing internet MAY slow down little bit.

And forget the “professional misleading” to openVPN (server and client and gui) and VPN-providers interested in your money!

Tor-Browser is recommended not only for free acess to RUSSIA in these TIMES OF WAR, but is of help in other cases of SEVERE GOVERNMENT RESTICTIONS IMPOSED ON FREE PEOPLE WITH FREE MIND – as in case of Iran, Chinese Peoples Republic and similar.


During testing tor-browser connection to Russia Todey – 13rd of August 2023 – I find there HOT informations

  • – Indian Defence Ministry is switching from Microsoft WIN-OS to the Indian product Maya OS – because of – as is selfevident – American STANDARD Espionage against EVERYBODY.
  • – the NEW Google browser CHROME has been changed to implementation of WEI-technologies (using identification by fingerprinting and forcing ad-blockers to be removed, so that google advertising FORCEFULLY is displayed). So reconsider, whether Google is the thing, that is vital for your life!

And now we better understand, WHY Europeans as true VASALLS of the United States and thh Anglosaxon-block don’t  like your freedom, to reed Russia Today! –  And by the way: Military information  in Russia Today will prevent any Western reader to stay for ever in the black holes of missing and false informations delivered by British and US and NATO sources!

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