DIVORCE: Spotify and my GEMA-statistics

By accident I stumbled upon my GEMA-statistics ( German revenue collecting organization).

So I asked spotify: PLEASE, tell me something. And they told me: WE HAVE NOTHING FROM YOU IN OUR SYSTEM. So the question remains unsolved, WHY German GEMA is CLAIMING, that I from OWN MUSIC WORKS collected 45.000 SPOTIFY-clicks!

After some interesting email-behavior of spotify denying everything, I yesterday decided, that I, who have been trained in HANSEATIC business traditions, should STOP IMMEDEATELY EVERY TRANSACTIONS with spotify, to SIMPLIFY MATTERS drastically on MY part.

The assumption is: Would spotify to the tax-inspector say: “Sorry Sir, we have NOTHING in our systems – and therefor – very sadly – cannot pay taxes at all!”???

So my newly installed ROUTINE, to make CLEAR and SUDDEN CUTS und STOPS, if ever I made a BAD EXPERIENCE – which normally means, that the computer industry is taking MY MONEY somehow! – again proved valid.

BECAUSE the experience is: IF you avoid interaction with strange and nasty people, you spare yourself a lot of trouble and bad experience!

Such I made HARD STOPS with Paypal, Amazon, facebook,ebay and some others – and suddenly learned: There once was a time, when we all lived without paypal, amazon, facebook quite normal and good – and did very well!

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*11.06.1953, Bremen, Germany - long years in Neuss/Germany